About Schmooze

Does this role NEED an explanation? But here you go with pointers

Description of your activites:

✨ If hooking on to trends and growing a follower base is your thing, this is YOUR ROLE!

✨ We don't want thinkers, we need Doers; Folks who are excited to create that tiktok or IG post that can go viral, or simply put out content to keep our followers happy

✨ Schmooze has bunch of events planned; has amazingly fun Founder and Team stories, great user pings and then of course, the entire world of memes → use all of this as fodder for the pages and create awesome content

What is Schmooze upto?

We aspire to become bigger than Bumble, Tinder and all others combined ( A $ 70 Bn opportunity!), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - BE BETTER than all of them! A more fun and stress-free way to date 🤗😄

So, if you want to join us in the mission to spread more smiles, then please apply in the link above!